Gail Patrice Yellen Workshop

Felted SkirtI had a great opportunity last weekend to participate in a Gail Patrice Yellen Workshop, sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  What a fun time I had. Gail is very talented, fun, knowledgeable, and she was very well prepared.

Friday night was a trunk show where she showed us her beautiful embellished fashions.  Saturday, was a full day of serger techniques, and Sunday was a hands on day where she shared some of her unique techniques while we made samples.

Here is a picture of her felted skirt made from sweaters. I love, love, love this skirt; I am on the lookout for some sweaters now so I can make one too. I also took pictures of some of her other embellished skirts that I will share with you.

Here are the samples I made during her Sunday “It’s All About Embellishment!”  workshop.


Please visit her website to see her other amazing work and jackets, and to purchase her jacket and skirt patterns.

Check her article out, Embellishments; Charmed Cut Work, in the March 2013 Threads Magazine.

I was fascinated with the skirts; therefore, here are pictures of some of the skirts that she made with wonderful embellishments and creative hemlines.

Bead EmbelleshmentScalloped HemStair Step Hem


Very Creative!

Next time you make a skirt, I challenge you to add some embellishments and to create a different shaped hem line.

Have Fun Creating!

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