Easy Knitted Ribbon Scarf

ScarfFor those of you that follow my blog, you know that I am not a knitter, but these scarves are so easy and pretty that anyone can do it.

Red Heart Yarn When I went to the fabric store I didn’t set out to get yarn to make another scarf, but this Red Heart Ribbon Yarn was sitting on an end counter (great marketing) and when I looked at it I thought, wow, I think that can be knitted like the ruffled scarf I made.

I bought a couple colors and in a few hours I had two beautiful scarves.

Here are a few tips I learned. (Not step by step instructions.)

Yarn Out of PackageThe ribbon yarn comes folded up and tied with three or four ties.  Yarn TieUnfold the yarn and clip the ties.  If you want you can leave it laying flat to knit with or you can wind it on a tube like I showed on my previous articles.  Knitted Ruffled Scarf Comparison and Ruffled Scarf.

KnitRed Ribbon YarnI knitted the first scarf using EVERY hole not skipping one or using every other hole (or 3rd hole) like the ruffled scarves, and I used 11 stitches.

11 StitchesAfter making it I decided I wanted it a little longer and more narrow so I used 8 stitches and I preferred the 8 stitches.

I looked on You Tube and found this video.  It is full of some good tips especially if your yarn is cut and you need to tie it together, or there is a knot in the yarn that you can’t get out.  This trick could also be used if you wanted to make a really long and wide scarf or shawl.  Wouldn’t that be beautiful.

Every 3rdIn the video he does suggest that you skip every other hole on the yarn to make a ruffled effect.  I do not agree.  I tried it on a sample scarf and I didn’t like it.Creates HoleThe yarn does not have enough depth, therefore it will create holes that I personally do not like.  But everyone has their own preferences;  you are the designer so create it your way.  You might find an even prettier way to make a scarf or ruffle trim.

I have heard of some people having problems with the holes being so big that the yarn slips over the wrong end of the knitting needle.  Tape Stop 1Tape StopIf you have problems with that on any project just take some tape, I prefer painters tape because it doesn’t leave a residue.

Just wrap a piece of tape on the end of the needle and then the yarn won’t slip off.  A quick and easy fix.

Underneath - stitches lookHere is what the finished scarf stitches look like underneath the ruffles.

ScarfI think this scarf is Beautiful and I hope you have fun creating one for yourself or to give for a gift.

7 thoughts on “Easy Knitted Ribbon Scarf

  1. I use round needles when I knit now and that way I do not have to worry about the knitting falling off the needles. I use them for almost everything that I knit now.

  2. Can you please let me know if this is
    available In Charcoal grey like Trendsetters Cha Cha yarn(or navy blue?) I need it ASAP for gifts that were
    Please advise ASAP.
    Thank you,
    Cindy D.
    Yardley, PA

  3. Thanks for your tips, I made one using 6 stitches and every other hole, and just what you said would happen did, of course I made it prior to reading your site. I suggest to others, use this pattern, mine did have the holes and was not as tight, so my next one, I will use these instructions. Thanks!

  4. Hello Martina, I am glad you post this beautiful scarf, I had been looking for the yarn but had not see it. I will keep an eye on it, thank you.

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