Project Boxes – Organization

Cat ProjectI have been busy, busy, busy sewing. I have so many projects going on at one time my head is spinning.  I have been drafting pants, sewing service projects, making prototypes for my husband (he is an inventor), preparing to teach classes, going to American Sewing Guild meetings and events, and most of all I am in the midst of making the most exquisite prom dress for my grandaughter. I hope to be able to share the prom dress with you in a couple of weeks.  I didn’t have any patterns for this new design so I have been really working my brain.  The dress is almost done, I have a couple more fittings with her before I can add the embellishments.  I am hand sewing all the embellishments on (no glue for me).  Just the sleeve alone took 25 hours to make. I can’t wait to share it with you. Continue reading

Cats–Sewing Assistants



I always have some type of a Sewing Assistant helping me. They help me pin by holding the fabric down, they help me move the fabric by jumping up with a running start and then sliding the fabric in place. I especially like it when they add extra holes to the pattern paper.  I do have to watch one of them carefully so she doesn’t get hurt,  because she likes to take the pins out of the fabric.  They do give me such pleasure, even when they become a sewing challenge instead of an assistant.

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