Knitted Ruffled Scarf and Comparison to Crocheted Ruffle Scarf

When I went to my Jazzercise class last week, a friend brought in several beautiful ruffled scarves she had knitted.  Finished

They were made out of the same thread as the crocheted ruffled scarf in my previous article and I thought I need to challenge myself again.  Since I had made the scarves by crocheting, when I had never crocheted before, why can’t I make the scarf by knitting?  I didn’t know how to knit either, so who cares, just try it.

In this article I will share some of the things  I learned with the knitting process.  I will also show a comparison of the finished crocheted scarf and the knitted scarf.  Then you can decide which one you want to make.

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