Awesome Gift Wrap

Gift 2

The other day I was needing to wrap two pieces of jewelry for gifts.  I went to the store to purchase two cute little gift bags and I went down the wrong aisle, and what did I see but some really cute socks.  Immediately I thought, why not wrap the jewelry boxes in socks.  This would give the recipient an extra little gift, a pair of socks, very practical.  After choosing two pairs of socks I walked down the aisle and on the end of another aisle I saw these beautiful fluffy feather pins or hair clips.  I looked at the clips and thought these would be perfect to hold the ends of the socks together.  Brilliant, now the recipient has another cute gift.  This is how I did it.

BoxI put the jewelry in a 3″ x 3″ box, the size can vary.  If you have an oblong box like for a bracelet you can use a knee sock instead of a short sock.

Box in SockCenter the box in the sock.

Gift 2 backCenter the back side design if there is one too.Gift 1 back

FoldFold both ends of the sock into the center where they overlap at least 1/4″.

ClipUse a decorative hair clip or pin and clip/pin the two ends of the socks that are overlapped together.Clip on

Gift 1It is that simple.  Now you have a creative, beautiful and practical gift wrap.

Finish Cat 1

Finish Cat 2It is so much fun to be creative with your gift wrapping.  I have a cousin, Patrick, that was always extremely creative when he wrapped my Christmas presents when we were kids, and I have never forgotten the feeling I had seeing that unique gift wrapping.

Have fun and experiment with your next gift wrapping.

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